We here at Northern Truck strive to make quality repairs that won't leave you stranded. 

   Hi, I'm Michael Wells, I est. Northern Truck in 2013. I started this company due to my love of Trucks!

   I started doing PM's on Saturdays with my father, around the age of 13, at a company he worked for called Overnite Transportation. I remember walking into the shop, seeing 25 Tractors lined down both sides of the building, it seemed bigger than life! That's were my love of Trucks started.

   So, after I got out of School, I decided to get a job working on moving trucks. That lasted a few years before I decided to join the Marine Corps. After being discharged, I started working on gravel train trucks. I then decided to work for a company rebuilding deisel injectors and turbos. Where I gained a great amount of knowledge.

   So, I took my experiences, knowledge, and decided to build a company of my own. Here it is!